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I bet you’ve got some great clients and your feedback is fantastic, but – like most people – you could do with more calls. Let’s be clear though, it’s not just about quantity is it. You need the right calls – ones that don’t take you hours to deal with just to get ghosted.

You’re great at what you do, which is why your clients keep coming back and telling other people about you. So, how do you get that message out to the people who need to hear it, without sounding full of yourself? And that’s assuming you can even say the words without turning purple and hiding behind someone else. 

When you’re the expert at what you do, you need to make sure the people who need you can find you – but marketing often ends up as the job at the bottom of the list you never get to.

I can help with that… I love talking about you!

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I’m Natalie Trembecki

I’m a freelance copywriter, sitting here at my laptop helping small businesses and solos reach the right people. Together we’ll create fantastic communications, helping you build a message which resonates with the people you want to find.  

There’s a lot to your business communication. You might be looking for help with an exciting new website, regular communications – like emails and blogs, or reviewing your messaging to ensure it works for your ideal client. There are a number of ways I can help.

Maybe you’re not getting any interest from your website, or the calls you do get aren’t the people you want to work with. Perhaps you’ve worked with some great clients in the past but don’t have time to keep in touch so the next time they need someone they’ve forgotten you exist. You’ve got a whole business to run and keeping on top of your communication often feels like the least important thing to do – but you know you need to do it. 

I work with subject matter experts, coaches and creatives, providing words, communication strategies, and clear messaging support that will help you grow your business. You can find out more about me on my About page.

How I can help you

How I can help you

Website copywriting

Whether you’ve got a website or are getting one built, your words are important for making sure the right people visit, call and then buy from you. Let’s make sure your website copywriting is getting you the clients you want. 

Blog writing

Helping you be seen as the expert you are! Blogs are a great form of helpful marketing, filling your website with awesome articles about the things your people need to know, using the right keywords to bring people to you. 

Copy Coaching

My work is all about helping small businesses to reach the people who need them and get the results they deserve. When your writing isn’t having the right impact, we’ll work together to get you results.

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People have said some lovely things about me…

I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Natalie. She really took the time to get to know me, my tone of voice, the language I used and produced comprehensive and detailed copy based on these… I’d 100% recommend Natalie as an experienced, eloquent copywriter whom you’ll have a great experience working with.


I have worked with Natalie on several projects… She is more than a copywriter, she really gets under the skin of your business – what you want to say so she can help your put your thoughts down into writing in a way that sounds like you do. Thank you Natalie.


Natalie has worked with me now on a number of different projects and she always excels… Not only that but she is a real joy to work with, always positive, always adding value, and always offering advice. She is my go to now for copy support and she has earned that position by being so good at what she does. I highly recommend you use Natalie you won’t regret it, just don’t take up so much of her time that she can’t do work for me!


Would you like to work with me? A quick chat may help you decide.

How it works

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Book a quick call, we’ll talk and see if I can help.


We’ll make a plan, looking at your needs, wants, and timescales.


The creative bit. I’ll get your input, then it’s time for me to start writing.


The finished article!? You’ll get your first draft as promised, and a couple of revisions if you need them to make sure you’re happy.

Would a blog help your business?

Check out the first free module of my DIY Blog Planning Course to see how a blog could help you increase your visibility and be seen as an expert.

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