About Me

20170917-IMG_4331I’m Natalie…

The writer who wants to find the words for you.
I believe that communicating thoughtfully is key for successful relationships and thriving businesses.

Based in Northamptonshire, my location means I’m easily available right across the midlands and into London. But let’s face it, thanks to the power of a communications revolution, I’m pretty much available anywhere.

I’m someone who enjoys writing and, over a number of years and in different roles, I have learnt how to make the most of the written word.

Having worked for many years in Technology and Finance I learnt:

    • how to explain complex ideas clearly and simply
    • how to find the right voice for an audience
    • the importance of communication in selling – whether it’s a product or idea

Whether you’re reading or writing, talking or listening, relationships are built with words. It’s important to pick them carefully.

Maybe now I can find out more about you, and how we can work together for your business.

I’m the Writer For You

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