About Me

Hi, I’m Natalie Trembecki

Writing for you allows me to showcase how fantastic you are.

That’s why I love it!

With writing, I can create worlds and communicate ideas using just squiggles on a page – words are powerful.

But Why Copywriting?

I’ve always enjoyed writing.

Having written for different motives in previous jobs and for fun in my spare time – I wasn’t sure how I could make a living from it?

Running my own business wasn’t a priority for me but, with two children at home, I realised flexibility had become essential to me. I then discovered copywriting, a role where I could meet and work with amazing business owners – creating words which help you grow your business.

As a copywriter – I talk, I write and I show off your business, it’s perfect

Although I didn’t start copywriting until 2017, there are some elements of communication that I knew were fundamental:

  • Clarity in writing isn’t always easy but is necessary
  • Whatever your message, you first need to know who you’re talking to and why they care
  • The first draft is rarely the final draft; make your amendments but eventually, you have to just get it out there

Things you might not know about me...

I once wrote a draft of a children’s book

Writer for You was born in September 2017

My first copywriting job was for a florist

When I stand at my desk, the cat steals my chair

What About You?

How will you know if I’m the right copywriter for you?

If your business is growing and you need to be seen but sometimes wonder what to talk about – I can help.

If you’ve got an audience but struggle to find time to keep them updated – I can help.

If your business has changed over time and you need to review your message and the places you communicate, I can help you too.

Working With Me

There are many ways you can work with me, whether you’d like me to take the writing off your hands or support you to do it yourself.

Getting to know you and your business, not to mention the people you’re talking to, takes time and research. If you’re willing to be patient, we can make great things happen.

Natalie is more than a copywriter, she really gets under the skin of your business.

Tom Green, Square Feet Cowork