Blog Writing

– To Build Your Business

Show the World How Amazing You Are

When you’re building your business, there’s so much to do – it’s not surprising that some jobs never make it off the To-Do list.

Depending on how much you like talking about yourself, it’s possible that one area often neglected is marketing. The chances are you wouldn’t even write ‘marketing’ on the list, it’s a bit of a frightening word isn’t it – and a never-ending job. Let’s just leave it there at the back of our minds and come back to that one later.

But if, instead of ‘selling myself’ we think of marketing as ‘helping people find me so I can make their lives easier’. Well that’s something we really should be doing isn’t it.

Blog Writing Packages – Because You Know Things

The Benefits of Blog Writing

  • Blogs show your reader what an incredibly helpful expert you are
  • Blogs on your social media get passed around and reach new people
  • Blogs on your website keep it updated and search engines like that
  • Blogs are often the answer to the questions we’re asking the internet

So, why aren’t you writing blogs?

Probably, like most people, it’s because you’re too busy with running your business. So let me help with that.

The Business Building Bundle

Kick start your business communication with an awesome one-off package including:

  • Updating your LinkedIn or listing profile – we’ll make sure people see who you really are and what you’re offering, they’ll want to connect.
  • A planning session – giving you a clear idea of your message and themes you can use through your marketing.
  • Three informative and engaging blogs – helping your potential clients see why you’re the expert they’ve been looking for.

Try out my blog writing service with this simple package and be confident you’ve got a clear message which is going to bring people to you.


5 Stars from Bella Marketing Solutions!