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3 Simple Reasons Why Your Website Copy Needs Updating

Do you remember back to when you started your business? If you’re anything like me, there were certain things you wanted to have ready before you’d show the world your face.

  • A logo
  • Business cards
  • The website

And then things flew – maybe like a paper aeroplane at first, but there was movement. Things grew, with those trusty pages serving you well –

But, when did you last update your website?

The problem is, it’s not unusual for a business website to be neglected.

Often, once a business is up on it’s size 5’s (I don’t have big feet), we neglect the foundations to concentrate on building up. But to get the best out of your website – it’s essential to do the right maintenance on those foundations to make sure the building doesn’t crumble (I’ll stop with the construction analogy now).

So, why does it matter that you keep your business pages current?

1.Making sure your website reflects you

Businesses change – it’s inevitable, and people change too. Consider whether your website reflects your brand as it is now.

Whether the changes are small or fundamental, it could be that people visiting your website wouldn’t actually recognise this brand and website as yours. Are there more people in the company? Are you based at the same location? Has your logo changed? Or maybe it’s just in the way you now present yourself. If your website doesn’t reflect the real business, it’s not doing you any good.

How often have you heard a business owner say ‘Don’t judge me on my website, I’ve been meaning to update it’?
Don’t let that be you.

2.Making sure your website reflects your services

Again, it’s absolutely normal for a business to change the products or services they offer, or the prices they charge.

It makes no sense for you to invest in product development, to communicate your new offerings to people you meet, but not to reflect those services on your website. Not only might you confuse people (it often doesn’t take a lot to confuse me) – it might even mean these people look to other businesses that are better at flaunting their wares.

I know of business owners who say ‘I’d rather not provide that service anymore, but it’s on my website so I feel I have to’.
It’s an easy trap to avoid.

3. Search engines care how often you update your website

This is fundamental, for a lot of businesses this is the key to why keeping your website updated is essential.

When you type your search terms into Google (other search engines are available – somewhere), the pages which are returned for your viewing are sorted through weighting from a number of different criteria. I’m not going to go into the details of all these preferences now (because my head might explode) but ‘freshness’ has consistently been one of these criteria – and we can all understand why.

Search engines want to be helpful – returning results which are outdated isn’t helpful. If you haven’t updated your website since it was built six years ago, how will the search engine know if you’re still in business?

And these updates don’t have to be big expensive overhauls, you don’t have to change the structure of your site to make a difference. Just making sure the text is fresh and zingy will do your website a whole heap of good; regularly updating your blog is a great way to manage this.

How do you feel about your website? Does it do your awesome brand justice?
Do you need to consider a refresh? Updating the copy might be all you need to bring it back to life.

Have a look at the website copywriting packages I offer here – it could be easier than you think.

Looking back at outdated websites is a little like looking at old photos, you might wonder what was going on, is that really you – sometimes it’s just plain embarrassing! I’ve just updated my website copy – I hope you like it.