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Why Won’t Anyone Listen to Me?

3 Things to Check Before You Give Up on Getting Your Message Out

You know that the Family Business Planner 3000 has all the answers. It’s simple structure, opportunities for customisation, patented reminder service and options to integrate the diaries of all family members and business teams in one easy-to-read page will change the lives of those who use it.

No more forgotten appointments, no more double bookings – instead you’ll get hourly reminders to make sure you’re also managing to take time out for yourself because we all need ‘me-time’ right!

But you’re not getting your message out to the people you can help? Every day there’s someone on Facebook whose life is unravelling because they haven’t found the help they need – they haven’t found the Family Business Planner 3000. Why not?

Whether it’s advertising, social media, blogs or website – if you aren’t getting your message to the people you could be helping, how will your business succeed?

Before you decide that it’s not working, that the world wasn’t ready for the Family Business Planner 3000, check out these simple tips to see if it’s your communication that’s letting you down.

1. Make sure you know who you’re talking to

Who do you actually want to buy your product, or use your service? Is it your friend Sarah, your brother John or the bank manager Fiona? Without knowing who the ideal client is, your next steps will be impossible.

The Family Business Planner 3000 is ideal for business owners with families – those who recognise the stress of juggling staff, projects and family commitments. It’s no good for students, retirees or those people who manage to keep work and family life separate (and really, who even are they!?).

Only by knowing who it is you want to help, can you understand the best way to communicate with them – and until you do that, you won’t get your message across. (If you want more help with this, check out my blog The truth about why it’s important to focus on your reader.)

2. Find out where they are

Don’t advertise your planner in a gardening magazine or on whatever digital channel those young people are watching.

Family Business Planner 3000 customers are always on LinkedIn or their Facebook business groups, playing Two Dots on their phone or watching Killing Eve (once the kids are in bed of course).

If you don’t know who your customer is, you won’t know where to find them. But once you do know them, you can target your communication and make sure you’re in the right places talking to the right people.

3. Tell them how you’ll help them

It isn’t just a case of telling frazzled business owners how easy the planner is to access, what a bargain it is or how great it looks. Pete needs to know that he can organise his workload and still be home to get Jemima to ballet, Fiona needs to know who in her team is available when she has to pop home to pick up Rob’s forgotten PE kit.

Understanding how your product will make your customers lives better is essential if you want them to choose it. Think about the pain you’ll be removing from them and focus your message – it’s the only way to make yourself irresistible.

It can be hard telling people how awesome your business, or product, is. Start by making sure you’re doing these three things right, that way you can make sure your communication will be seen by the right people – and you’ll start to make an impact.

If you need help getting your message out, there might be ways a copywriter can help. If you’d like to find out how – get in touch.