Welcome To My Blog

This is our first time together, let’s do introductions.

I’m Natalie

Computer program "Hello World"

I was the geeky kid at school, and I’m now the geeky mum… While I love reading and writing, I’m also excited by learning and exploring new things.

I can remember, while still at primary school, seeing “Hello World” scrolling up the screen of our Acorn computer.

Now I can broadcast the message further than my front room, and I hope you’ll find the text is more interesting

So to the second introduction—

Welcome to Writer For You.

I’m taking a leap into the world of copywriting.

While the title is new to me, translating English to English is something I’ve done a lot of:

Translating Business English to Technical English

Understand your business requirement to set simple technical steps.

Translating Technical English to Business English

Turn your technology restriction of 'only four holders' into a business benefit. 'You can have four holders'

Even Translating simple instructions to children

Parent: You can have one sweet!
(child takes one sweet, then another and another)
Parent: Just one sweet!

In order to make ourselves understood better; we need to be clear of, not only the message, but the audience too.

I want to discuss the plans and projects which make your life, and business, exciting. To make sure I understand every nuance, so I can help share that message with the world.

Giving clarity to your thoughts, plans, products and opportunities is something I look forward to doing. Whether it’s for print or online, I can create the words to tell your story—in a voice which works for your brand.

So, the final introduction –

Welcome to the blog.

This is my chance to show you what’s going on at Writer For You – and other things which interest me.

We can discuss words and business; communication skills and styles; technical writing, language, and then more words…

I hope there’ll be something that piques your interest.

A coffee, phone and pen - communication is easier with a cuppa.