The Coach and the Copywriter

I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a friend of mine, and at the same time show you how a copywriter can support your business.

Meet Michelle

I worked with Michelle in my previous existence at Nationwide Building Society; she is a wonderful person who is smart, perceptive, intelligent and articulate. So, when we reconnected through LinkedIn almost 18 months ago, it was interesting to find out more about her journey since leaving the corporate world.

Working at Nationwide, Michelle was both a people and project manager with one of her greatest strengths being managing change. In particular, the support Michelle gave her team allowed them to grow and develop even in times of difficult change.

Taking the plunge to make her own change, Michelle chose to walk away from her corporate existence but wanted to continue to support individuals trying to find their way. Coaching had helped her develop and find her path, so she trained in Business and Life Coaching becoming a qualified NLP Practitioner.

When my own path crossed Michelle’s again in June 2018, she was taking early steps in starting her own coaching business – it’s been fantastic for me to work with her through this process.

Step One – LinkedIn Profiling

When starting her new business, like most of us, Michelle had lots of ideas – so many that her progress was difficult to maintain. Talking about what she really needed, we developed a strategy together which started with updating her LinkedIn profile.

Michelle already had an established network of people who might be interested in her coaching services, people who knew and trusted her. LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for reaching out to those people; not only telling them what’s new in your world and how you can help them, but also enabling you to show that expertise with recommendations, endorsements, posts and articles.

LinkedIn also has a very effective search function allowing you to reach people outside your own network. Whilst working on other opportunities, updating LinkedIn was our first step.

Creating an effective LinkedIn profile is something I’ve done for a number of people.

It’s important to consider the purpose of your profile; many people use LinkedIn to find a job, while others use it to recruit. As a small business or freelancer, you’ll be using LinkedIn differently, it’s an extended business card or reduced website – benefitting from functionality enabling others to endorse you.

It’s amazing how many people neglect LinkedIn. For small business owners – particularly start-ups – it can be a hugely valuable first step in building a digital presence.

As a copywriter, it’s also a great way to start working with someone – establishing an understanding of them, their business and their voice – it allows the individual to understand how a copywriter can help them with only a small investment.

Step Two – the Website

Creating a business website had always been high on Michelle’s wish list, having updated her LinkedIn profile meant that she had something for potential clients to see (and a way of being found online). But social media platforms don’t show off your business the way your own website will.

Michelle wanted a simple website which showed people how they could benefit from her services – nothing complex or showy, but a site which would reassure and inform potential clients and encourage them to get in touch.

Working together we were able to focus Michelle’s message, considering her ideal client and identifying their needs and concerns. Having already reassured Michelle (through our LinkedIn work) that I was able to reflect her voice effectively, producing the copy for her website was a natural extension of that work.

When Michelle was ready and satisfied, she self-published her website.

In Michelle’s words…

Before working with Natalie I was struggling to craft the content of my website into something I would be happy to publish.  Natalie took the time to explain where she could add value and that initial conversation left me excited about the possibilities of sharing the endless tasks required when you set up your own business.  She helped me find the right words for my professional profile and I have now pressed publish on my website.  I would not have got to this stage in the same timeframe without her input.  If, like me, you’re thinking – “I’m articulate, I can write stuff – why should I pay someone to do what I can do myself?”, then I’d like to reassure you that you get so much more than just the words.  Natalie is a great sounding board – useful for people working on their own, but she also creates structure and more crucially, a deadline for you both – this adds so much focus and motivation that you can’t help but make great progress. The website tasks stopped sliding down the priority list and actually became fun.  I found the whole process an absolute joy!

Your World Coaching – Michelle Mackay

Next Steps – Blogging

Michelle and I talked often about the benefits of a blog on a business website. As mentioned earlier, Michelle’s website is deliberately small and simple – one downside that brings is the restrictions it puts on your keyword, or SEO, reach. By blogging regularly, you are able to extend that reach. Talking about subjects which appear in internet searches is the only way your site will be found in such searches (e.g. Picking the Right Coach for Me).

Equally, writing articles about subjects in which your social network are interested will enhance your visibility through social media – as long as you post them there. This obviously raises your profile and brings readers back to your website.

Michelle has blogged but, like many business owners, she’s discovered that it can take more time, and inspiration, than she first thought. So, now we’re working together through my Blog Planning Workshop – giving Michelle the tools she needs to make blogging as simple as possible.

Helping Michelle boost her blog production, will increase the scope of her website and exploit her social media presence to share her skills and knowledge.

Why Would You Care?

I hope this blog has – not only introduced you to a wonderful coach – but also shown you how a copywriter can be a valuable resource in your business journey.

I’m not only here for the big things like a website or sales push, but also for the smaller things like raising your profile on LinkedIn or listings sites like TrustATrader. Working together, you can be confident I ‘get you’ and can find the voice you need.

If you’re struggling to find the right words – maybe a copywriter can help.