Your About Us Page: Unlock its Power With 5 Tips to Engage Your Audience

I recently mentioned on my social media that I get put off by websites without an About Us Page, I like to know who I'm doing business with. So, I looked at my own website stats and realised I'm not alone as my own About Page is my second most visited page. I was told, by some Web Developers in the know, that this isn't at all surprising. Not only do many people think like me, but also (or perhaps because of that) search engines prioritise About Us Pages in searches.

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4 Steps to LinkedIn success: Getting the Best From the Professional Platform?

How do you use LinkedIn? If the answer is "randomly", "er....", or perhaps hiding your head in your hands, I hope this post will help. Because (as I've said before and will, no doubt - annoyingly - say again) LinkedIn can be incredibly useful for small business owners, service providers, subject matter experts, consultants... you. I'm going to tell you the story of Dan and how he made LinkedIn work for him.

Using LinkedIn for Small Business Growth – Do You Need Help?

With LinkedIn the most trusted social media network, providing the highest level of lead conversion rates of any social media platform, most small businesses should be including the platform in their marketing strategy. I'm going to share four areas of development which will help you use LinkedIn more effectively.