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Nobody Will Take ‘Me’ Seriously – Surely My Website Should Say ‘Us’

You work hard in your business and it’s all yours.

It’s being built by you and all the work – which makes your clients SO happy – is done by your fair hand; but your website says ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our team’. Why is that?

Is it because you think people will take you more seriously if there’s a team? Or, are you trying to take some of the focus off yourself?

Whatever your reason, how do you think people feel when they discover The Really Big Company is just little old you?

But it’s not just me – and it certainly won’t always be!

Your Team

Maybe you have a team.

They may not all be employed by your business but you work together often enough to be partners. These might be collaborators who pull together to complete a project, or associates you call on when you need support – whatever title you give them, they’re trusted partners who you consider part of your team. And they are part of what makes your business so successful.

If this is the case, then ‘We’ on your website can make sense. Those who contact you may work with any one of your team and it’s good to show that you’re able to cover multiple skill sets and bigger projects which you couldn’t physically handle if it was just you.

Your Plans

Maybe growth is in your future.

When your business starts to grow and transition, it can feel like the identity is changing and difficult to define. Communicating these changes is hard and if you choose to state your new position as being bigger than you currently are, that’s understandable

In this situation, presenting yourself as a team makes sense, you’re giving yourself that room to grow. Make sure you know how you’ll explain that to those you’re working with – they’ll probably be as excited about your growth as you are.

It is just me, but I don’t want people to know that

Your Client

Perhaps you’re looking for bigger clients and don’t think they’d want to work with a solo. This is the case for many freelancers, they feel they need to look big to get into larger firms.

However, many bigger companies are looking for support in their business for which solo professionals are ideal. The whole point of bringing in outside help might be flexibility, cost, specialist expertise – and being self-managed is ideal for this.

Put another way, if the company you want to work with really is looking for an agency or small firm to support them, how are they going to react when they find out it is just you. You’ll have wasted their time if you can’t provide the scale or bodies they’re looking for. That won’t work well for either of you.

Your Image

It might be you think you’ll be taken more seriously if you present a larger front.

It may be true that some clients are reassured by the idea of a team, maybe they don’t really need more than one person but they feel more confident with a greater level of support. Again, though – how will they feel when they find out it’s just you?

On discovering you’re on your own they’ll have to make a decision – recognise they only need one person and choose you or find someone bigger. Either way, if a potential client feels you misrepresented yourself initially this may not work in your favour.

This is your business and we all have to run our business the way which works for us; but what we all need is to be honest.

Your website should reflect the business your client will work with, so if it doesn’t appeal to someone they probably don’t want to do business with you anyway.

Your business will be right for many other people and, if your website reflects you well, those people will find you – and they won’t be disappointed.

Do you consider yourself a solo? part of a team? or a growing company? I’d love to know how you present yourself.