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Are you blogging?

However you feel about blogs (even if you feel nothing at all), it’s incredible how many people are now doing it. [There are statistics, and they are astonishing, but I’m not putting them here because they were probably out of date last Thursday.]

Now I’m the last person to suggest that we want to follow the pack – there’ll be no bandwagon jumping here – but I do have a couple of points to make which you may like to consider.

Blogging is good for your website rankings

In order to be seen as relevant, your website needs to be regularly updated. A blog is an excellent way of doing this.

With one article you are providing a website update, information for interested customers, a social media feed, and a tick against one of those To-Do List entries which seem to take forever to get through.

If that’s not enough

When faced with an unknown, how do you research? If you’re anything like me the answer will be Google. And when you ask Google, quite often the pages returned will be blog posts. Now I’m not presenting this as scientific fact, what I’m saying is this…

Google only has the answers because someone puts them there. Those answers are only as good as the person writing them.

Why not be the person providing answers?

If the answer to that question is ‘Because I don’t know any of the answers’, I probably can’t help you.

But if your answer is ‘Well there are things I know about, and there are questions I can answer, but I don’t have the time’ – there is something I can do about that.

Whether you want help with ad-hoc articles or regular posting, let me find the words which work for you.

Writer for You has a Blogging package

Initial Consultation
Research of business and industry
Topics and material provided by you
Prices start at £80 a month for 2 blog posts

Tell me more about blogging

Social Media or Trade Profiles

There are places where it’s good to be seen, and some of those are online.

Whatever your platform of choice, I can create a profile you will be proud of. I’ve worked with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and trade listings – I’ll get your profile seen by the right people.

Whatever words you need, you need words which work.

I’m the Writer For You

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