Web Copy

Copywriting Services for Your Online World

Have you ever met someone, been bowled over by their services, found yourself convinced they can help you – and then been shocked when you search for them online.

  • Maybe their website is outdated or unhelpful.
  • It could be their blog page hasn’t been updated in years.
  • Or perhaps they have no website at all.

That’s off-putting right?

Whatever you’re selling, people are buying it online. Even if you provide a personal service, clients will be researching on the internet before they make a decision.

Make sure your online presence isn’t letting you down.

Website Content

Writer for You (that’s me) will create website content to make your business stand out.

If you don’t yet have a website, I’ll provide the right words for your customers. Words which will have them convinced you’re talking to them, so they click that button and buy.

But maybe you have a website already, I can still help. Websites need to be kept updated so search engines know they’re in use. Updating your site is essential for your business – and changing the text doesn’t need to mean investing in a whole new site.

Writer for You has a Website Content Package:

    • Initial consultation
    • Business and industry research
    • Text for 4 pages (including 2 sets of revision)
    • Annual site review
      Prices start at £350

Help me with my web copy

Blog Writing

Blogs are a simple way to keep your website up to date, and they’re fantastic for showing off what you know. But many business owners, with the best of intentions, struggle to find time to write their blog.

Let me help you, with different levels of support depending on your needs – I can take away the stress of publishing regular blogs.

Writer for You has Blog Writing Packages:

    • Initial consultation
    • Business and industry research
    • Services range from sharpening up your posts to writing the complete article
      From £50 per post  – one blog added free when five are paid for 

Writing with You in my Blog Planning Workshop:

    • One to one session
    • Focused on your blog goals
    • Creating a six month plan
    • Producing three blog post outlines
      Workshop price is £120 

Help me with my blogging 

“It was great working with Natalie. I knew my website needed updating but couldn’t face doing it myself; everything else in the business seemed more important. In just a few conversations, Natalie understood what I wanted to say, and how I wanted to say it – now I know that when people come to my website they’re seeing a true picture of what I do and how I work. Kate Brown Acountant