New branding for Writer for You

Refreshing Your Website: Why Content Updates Aren’t All That Matters

I talk a lot about consistency, but everyone needs a change sometimes…

There have been some changes in my world recently so I thought it was time to talk about why I’ve changed my branding and how that fits with the ever-important need to be consistent.

Content Consistency versus Content Refresh

Which is most important?

There’s no easy answer to this, is there?

Keeping your website fresh and up-to-date is essential while keeping your message consistent and recognisable is just as important. So the aim is to keep updating your website with things that people will recognise as YOU.

But, it’s also important to keep reviewing what you’re putting out in the world to make sure it’s still of value and – in the case of a brand refresh – reflects the brand you have become.

Has Your Business Changed?

Over the last six months – or more, I’ve had lots of conversations about how people see me (Natalie) and the brand (Writer for You). Consistently, I was told that I was friendly, approachable, helpful, creative and easy to work with. Well, who wouldn’t want to hear that?!

While I don’t think there was anything here that was new, it’s not something I’d considered when my branding was originally designed. Then, I was aiming for professional, focused, modern and efficient. So, while my old branding reflected the service I wanted to provide, it didn’t actually reflect the person people were going to work with.

So, not only has my logo become more colourful and incorporated a script font which better reflects my creativity and the fact I write, but I’ve gained sparkles, swirls and personal branding too.

So, Is There Consistency?

Well, yes!

I’ve kept the name, I’m still the Writer for You.

I still help small businesses with great communication.

I still write words which work for you.

I’ve kept the icon which resembles a pen nib, I’ve kept the colour palette and my message hasn’t changed either!

I’ve taken the opportunity to consider the brand I want to present to the world and celebrate the things my clients’ value. At the same time, I know how important it is for you to feel reassured that things haven’t changed too much. I’m still providing the service you’d expect – I’m just presenting it in a brighter, more approachable way.

Thanks to the wonderful Claire Hersant of Voyant Design who worked with a very restrictive brief that kept changing and gave me something perfect!

My question to you then, is – are you happy that your business is saying the things you want it to say?

Your message isn’t only communicated by your words, but also how you present yourself to the world. Are people seeing the real you?