Just Say No

I’m of the (older) generation who, when I hear the phrase ‘Just say no’, automatically pictures the cast of a 1980’s school drama.

As it happens those pictures of a drug-addled Zammo did a fine job of convincing me to steer clear of narcotics.

However, I’m now at a point in my life where I’m wondering about repurposing the image of a frazzled, unconscious and desperate individual.

As a new business owner and working mum, it occurred to me recently that I could still wreck my body and soul if I don’t sometimes ‘just say no’.

Finding Balance

I’m loving this new copywriting gig.

I’m loving getting out and meeting people.

I’m loving poking my nose around other people’s businesses and finding out what makes them so excited about what they do.

I’m loving being more flexible with my time so that I’m available for family and friends while still able to manage my workload.

I’m loving being able to work with the causes I care about and give time to people who need it.

But I do find it difficult.

I’m responsible for managing my own time if I’m getting distracted it’s my fault.

If I’m taking on too much, it’s my fault.

When I’m struggling to anticipate how long something will take, that’s my fault.

I’ve got a lot to learn.

Moving Forward

Step one in my journey to better manage my time is learning how to ‘Just say no’.

If I fail in my mission, the wild-eyed, catatonic figure may be me.

Are there things which you struggle to say no to?

Do you have any tips for finding the right balance in your life? (HELP!)