Crafting Compelling Narratives: How Subject Matter Experts Can Stand Out

Ok, so you’re at a networking event, surrounded by potential clients.  You launch into your usual spiel about your qualifications and experience, but their eyes start to glaze over. 

It’s alright, you don’t have to tell me if this is something that’s happened to you, it’s happened to most of us! The thing is, facts and figures often aren’t enough to show people the real difference you can make to their world.  You need a way to stand out, connecting with your audience on a deeper level; this is where the art of storytelling comes in!

Storytelling isn’t just for kid’s bedtimes or spooky firesides; it’s a business tool which can captivate your audience, showcase your expertise, and ultimately, win you more clients.  Sounds pretty great right!

Let’s talk about why it works.

Stories are memorable: While facts get forgotten, stories stick with us. They create an emotional connection making your message more impactful.

Stories build trust: By sharing your experiences and challenges, you are showing your audience you’re human and relatable. This builds trust and establishes you as someone they can do business with.

Stories paint a picture: Create an image of someone who is struggling with a problem your audience recognises. By sharing the story of how you helped this client, you are painting a vivid picture of results you can deliver.

Crafting Your Unique Business Narrative: A Guide for Subject Matter Experts

So, how do you craft your own business narrative?

  1. Start with your “why”
    What drives you to do what you do? And, what unique perspectives do you bring to the table?
    Sharing these stories with your audience will help people relate to you.
  2. Identify your ideal client
    Who are you trying to reach? What are their challenges and goals?
    Telling stories which show you recognise your people and have helped others with their needs will help your audience trust you as an expert.
  3. Think about your journey
    What experiences have shaped you as an expert? Have you overcome any obstacles that resonate with your client’s situation?
    Again, these stories will help build trust with potential clients and show you understand their needs.
  4. Focus on the transformation
    Don’t just tell people what you do, tell them how you can change their lives – or their businesses!
    These transformative stories are inspirational and show your potential clients what’s possible.

Let’s look at some examples:

The Web Developer

Instead of listing your technical skills, tell the story of a client whose website was holding them back, and how you helped them develop a user-friendly platform that boosted their sales.

The Marketing Consultant

Share your own experience of launching a successful business from scratch. Use this story to demonstrate your expertise and inspire your audience.

The Virtual Assistant

Describe the challenges a busy entrepreneur faced in juggling their workload. Explain how you streamlined their processes and freed up their time, allowing them to focus on the work that they enjoyed – and time away from work.

Remember, your business narrative is your own unique story.  By sharing it honestly and strategically, you can capture hearts, minds, and most importantly, clients!

Telling Your Story

Keep it concise: Your story doesn’t have to be epic. Aim for a clear and engaging message that can be delivered in a few minutes.

Focus on the emotions: How does your work make your clients feel? Tap into those emotions to create a lasting impact.

Practice makes perfect: Don’t be afraid to refine your story as you tell it. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become.

By using storytelling in your business communication, you can go from subject matter expert to captivating communicator; you’ll leave a lasting impression on your audience and attract more of the clients you deserve. Sounds good right!

If you’re not sure how to tell your business story, I’d be happy to talk it through with you. You can book a 45 minute consultation, for £60, right here.