The Challenge: Getting sure-fire action from words

The Call to Action

I know it sounds pretentious, but the ‘Action’ is the point of your writing.

Whatever you wanted to tell the reader, you must include a final encouragement for your audience to act.

In my earlier blog Top Tips for Better Business Writing,  I proposed that if you don’t spell out how your reader can claim the benefit you’ve told them about, they won’t do anything.

The words in your piece should give the reader the motivation to choose you (for help on this see How to get your words read and your company noticed).

Remind your audience how you can make their life better by highlighting the benefit you can provide.

So, what do you want to happen next?

Consider your reason for this communication. How do you need your reader to respond:

  • Email?
  • Call?
  • Visit?
  • Follow your blog?

Make your call short

Try to keep your appeal to one sentence, and try to make that sentence a short one.

Make your call simple

Calls on the internet can be designed to generate emails, initiate phone calls, or direct visitors to websites immediately.

On printed media, or where the prompt can’t be automated, make sure that the required information is an obvious part of the call. Don’t tell someone to call you without giving them your phone number.

Remember, you want your reader to act now, waiting until later will give them a chance to forget.

My formula for sure-fire action

Remind your reader what you can do for them + instruct them how to follow through.

“To take advantage of these amazing prices, go to our website now.”

“To find out more call today.”

“Don’t miss our offer, come in this weekend.”

“If you want us to go ahead, confirm in writing before the end of the week.”

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(See what I did there.)