Can words make flowers more attractive?

Flowers don’t need any help to be beautiful, so why would a florist need a copywriter?

I’d like to introduce you to Charlotte Davies.

Charlotte told me, she remembers the joy she felt being outside, as a child, and the pleasure she got from the plants and flowers around her. Driven by this love, and her creative passion, Charlotte has been working as a florist since she was 17, and has run her own business in Northamptonshire since 2012.

Working for herself has allowed Charlotte to explore services and styles to find out what works best for her, helping her develop Flowers by Charlotte Davies and create a business focused on her strengths.

So how did Charlotte get here?

Having studied at college, and gained experience working for other florists, Charlotte has never doubted that her this is the career for her.

Having become frustrated by creating other people’s visions. It wasn’t until she started her own business, Charlotte realised how much more satisfaction she could have by finding her own path and following her own vision.

What’s so special about her then?

The arrangements which Charlotte creates might be traditional or contemporary, but they’re always beautiful. Most importantly, she designs with you in mind.

For You
It might be weddings, funerals, or gifts, these pieces are a symbol of care and affection. Designed to reflect an occasion and personality, Charlotte will produce something memorable.

For Your Business
Maybe your office, or shop, needs a posy; or your reception area needs a centrepiece. You could be considering small corporate gifts, or stands for an exhibition. Charlotte will always produce something unique and conforming to the style of your brand.

Only a few years ago, Charlotte tried something new, helping clients create something beautiful themselves. Increasing in popularity almost every time a new series is launched, these workshops celebrate events such as Mother’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Even people who think they aren’t creative, leave the workshop with something beautiful they have made.

Why am I telling you all this?

There are two reasons

First, Charlotte is great at what she does and I think more people should know about her.

Second, Charlotte was Writer For You’s first customer.

Working with Charlotte showed me how I, as a writer, could provide value to a strong business with a passionate owner.

Charlotte is amazing at flowers, but when faced with the prospect of creating the web copy for her new site, she didn’t know what to say. Selling her service face to face, with arms full of flowers, is something she excels at. But using the written word to bring life to her creations filled her with frustration. I was able to translate Charlotte’s enthusiasm and creativity onto the page and give her the words she needed.

What are you looking for? Words? Or Flowers?

Whether you, or your business, need words or flowers – I know someone who can help.