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Case Study: Strengthening Your Business With Consistent Engaging Content

How do you stay visible?

Let’s imagine you’re a Health and Safety consultant with years of experience, a strong network and loyal client base. Most of your work comes from referrals, but they’re often one-off projects – audits, documentation or risk assessments. Once that project is over, how do you make sure you are remembered for the next one?

One way to stay in front of people is by blogging. Regular content that outlines your expertise and what makes you different will ensure you are seen and that your audience is reminded of who you can help and how. Blogging provides regular updates to your website – with keyword-rich, searchable content – which can then be shared on social media platforms where your network can engage with it and share.

This is what Lucy Walsh of Crystal Clear Compliance was looking for when we started working together.

Let’s Talk About Crystal Clear Compliance

Crystal Clear Compliance is a Health and Safety Consultancy Service based in Market Harborough. Started by Lucy Walsh in 2014, the team provides companies with advice and support to manage health and safety concerns – no matter how complex.

While Lucy is the owner and face of Crystal Clear Compliance, she has a team of experts who support clients with all aspects of their health and safety needs. This means she won’t just hand over a report full of recommendations but will help you resolve those concerns with skilled experts you can trust.

Let’s talk about blogging

When I met Lucy, Crystal Clear Compliance was already a well-established and trusted company. In conversation, I discovered that Lucy doesn’t just have the background and expertise she needs but is also thoughtful, interested and committed to supporting her clients at every step.

The Crystal Clear Compliance website provides visitors with clear information about how the team can support your business. But in order to be your ‘Trusted Partner’, Lucy wanted to give her people more than that – useful information that would help with day-to-day Health and Safety concerns.

Both the company website and social media platforms allow Lucy to share her thoughts and talk to her audience, but as the business continues to grow, Lucy has chosen to outsource some of this work as she focuses on helping her clients.

The project

Having blogged in the past, Lucy could see the value of regular communication to her business.

In a complex industry, where clients often don’t realise they need you until something goes wrong, staying visible is crucial to Crystal Clear Compliance. But finding time to create engaging content is difficult when you have so many competing priorities.

Lucy got in touch with me to talk about how I could help her with consistent content to support her clients.

The process

Our work together started with a planning session. We talked about why we were doing this and what Lucy wanted from posting these blogs. In a couple of hours together, we identified Crystal Clear Compliance’s target audiences – all the people the team can help, then we looked at useful topics that would interest them and ideas on how to present the posts.

As Lucy said, “After our first initial call and meeting you were so organised, professional and full of ideas, taking the stress of thinking of what to write away from me but also preparing a schedule so we both know in advance what we were doing, something I have not had from my previous supplier. I also love the way each time the articles are different one is a checklist, one an interview etc.”

So, with a plan in place, we were ready to create content.

Before each post is due, I email Lucy to confirm the topic we have planned to cover and see if we’ll go ahead with this or consider alternatives. At this stage, I may note any awareness days coming up, and I always ask whether there are topical concerns we should pick up. Planning your content is great, but it’s important to have flexibility in case there is something else on your network’s mind.

Having agreed on the topic to be covered, Lucy provides me with some high-level thoughts and useful links for research. Then it’s over to me to get to grips with the subject, research potential keywords for search engine optimisation, and then draft the blog.

When I’m happy with the first draft, this gets sent to Lucy for review, with the option of two sets of revisions to make sure she is happy. Lucy then finds an image and publishes the blog on her website, following up with engaging posts on social media that link back to the website.

The outcome

The Crystal Clear Compliance website is a hub of useful Health and Safety content to be picked up by search engines and for Lucy to repost or send to interested contacts. She told me, “I’ve had feedback that there’s always lots of useful information and the links to follow up are really useful – it can be a minefield for people trying to find the information themselves. Posts with checklists are again useful as people can see where they are.”

Lucy is able to ensure her network sees regular articles that showcase her expertise; posts which are focused on topics of interest to the people she wants to work with.

And I was thrilled to receive this amazing feedback:

It is an absolute pleasure working with Natalie. From our initial first meeting Natalie just understood what I needed and with very little or none of my time she produces exactly what I need on time and with no fuss one cannot ask for anymore. Natalie is so creative in her way with words ensuring you get the right wording for your business with what you are wishing to achieve. I highly recommend Natalie to any business for their copywriting needs.

Thank you, Lucy.

You can find out more about Crystal Clear Compliance here, and if you’d like to talk about how blogging can support your business growth, get in touch.