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Through Business Growth, Does Your Communication Need to Change?

On a recent dog walk, I was surprised to see shiny conkers hiding in the grass. Clearly Autumn has been settling in around us – kids heading back to school, leaves changing colour, a need to pull my jumpers out of storage – but this symbol on this day prompted another thought about business growth.

Happy 5th Birthday Writer For You

Yes, I’ve been going on about this a little – sorry (not, sorry!).

These conkers made me think about beginnings… you can see where I’m going with this right!?

September has always been a time of beginnings, and this dog walk cemented that thought. While Spring is when we start to see the new shoots and blossoms which talk of first growth, everything really starts with the damp, muddy bit in Autumn when the seeds are planted.

But what has that got to do with communication?

1. Beginnings

Our business started somewhere, an idea was planted and we took the plunge.

That origin is important in how we understand our business goals and strategy, the story we tell and how we build our message.

I have told stories of the steps that led to Writer for You:

  • The love of the written word as a child
  • A conversation when leaving corporate life “I want to write!”
  • Meeting a copywriter who provided positive encouragement and support
  • Writing the words for a friend’s website and seeing how much it meant to them

Identifying the seeds from which your business germinated can help you get clear on what’s important and why you’re doing this. It’s all part of your story.

2. Growth

Growth looks different to different individuals and at different stages.

You wouldn’t compare an oak to a waterlily, so don’t compare your business to another.

The growth we see as a conker achieves the first shoot looks very different to the blossoming of the mature tree in spring – your business will go through different periods of growth.

I’ll hang back on the plant analogies now (for a bit).

Whether we call it growth, development or change, over time businesses start to look different, do different things, and talk to different clients.

Your message needs to change to reflect new ideas, services, and people – make sure you’re keeping up to date.

3. Nurture

Just as plants (yes, we’re back here) need sunshine, water and food for growth – there are things your business needs.

For me, one essential has been my network – the support of other people. And building the relationships which support my business has required communication, not only with customers but also collaborators and peers.

Whether at networking meetings, one-to-one chats, emails, social media posts, blogs or even birthday cards, each time we communicate I’m nurturing that relationship.

Understand what your readers or audience need and talk to them where they are now, that’s how you’ll strengthen the relationships which support you in turn.

4. Consistency

An oak tree produces acorns, leaves, bark (and probably other things someone who knows more about plants could tell you) – each of these comes from the tree but they’re different. The tree can produce these things but will not stop being an oak tree.

I talked about growth, about how your audience will need different support at different times, but your business also needs to be consistent.

Consistency ensures you are recognisable and provides clarity for your reader about your expertise.

Consistency means you are seen, even when you don’t feel like it, so you don’t get forgotten.

A clear understanding of who you are, what you stand for and how you can help should make producing a consistent message much easier.

Wherever you are in your business…

Review your communication – be clear:

  • Where you came from and what that means about who you are. How can you use that in your story?
  • Are you still there? Have you changed your message to show people where you are now?
  • Are you nurturing the relationships that are supporting your business?
  • Is there consistency across your communications so that people recognise your voice and how you can help them?

Thanks for sticking with me, no more plant metaphors next month – I promise!

I hope this helped you think about how important communication is to support your business growth. If you need help to clarify your message, you can book a free discovery call right here.

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