Blogging is Great for Your Business

7 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

I know how you feel.

Business is going fine, you’ve got lots to get on with and your To Do list just keeps getting longer. You know there are people out there who write blogs but you’re not sure why, what’s the point? Surely nobody has time to read them so how could it possibly help your business?

I understand where you’re coming from.

When you’re running a business there are lots of things to do and creating blogs rarely comes at the top of anyones list – but I’m going to tell you why you might want to consider slipping it onto the plan for the future.

1 You’ll be helping people

Is helping people already on your To Do list? I doubt it. But you know it’s a good thing to do right. People that help others get remembered – and not just remembered but remembered with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Whatever your business provides, you have information which other people are looking for. By sharing that information and providing solutions you’ll give someone that warm fuzzy feeling they were looking for.

2 You’ll reach people

So, let’s think about those people your blog post helped – Sue who couldn’t remember how to post expenses on her accounting software or Robert who was looking for the best apps for meditation.

They might know other people who are also struggling, in fact the reason they read your post was because it reminded them of a recent conversation, so they share it. By sharing your expertise you’ll find the people who need to know what you know.

3 You’ll increase your recognition

Whether people are subscribing to your blog posts and waiting for them to appear in their inbox, or spotting them on their social media news feeds, the more you write and post, the more you become recognised.

Whether it’s your name, your branding or your style, once people have read a few of your posts those people are more likely to recognise you going forward. And they won’t only recognise you, but recognise you as someone who knows what they are talking about and who talks about things which are interesting.

4 You’ll become trusted as an expert

Once you’ve helped with useful information and continued to show up with more informative posts, you’re now a name which is recognised and – even more importantly – trusted.

You’ve shared help and opinions, you’re someone who knows what they’re doing. When I need someone with your skills – you are the person I think of. When Sue’s fed up with doing her own bookkeeping, or Robert discovers he needs more than just an app, who will they think of?

5 People will know your business better

You’re no longer just another bookkeeper, you’re the helpful bookkeeper – the one who gives advice.

You’re no longer just another therapist, you’re the one whose focus is stress and overwhelm.

You’re known and trusted, and those who have read your articles are interested because they know you have the specific skills they’re looking for. That’s why you will be the person they call, or recommend to their friends.

And those people who contact you are likely to be your ideal client, they’re not going to ask you for services you don’t provide or question what you’re doing. These are the people you want to be contacting you.

6 Think of those keywords on your website

And it won’t only be those who follow you on social media who are finding you for the right reasons.

Peter, who needed to know how to measure his floor accurately for a carpet fitting, found you through a search engine. That article not only gave him the information he needed but showed him that you are helpful and provide the services he’s looking for. Having got fed up with trying to do the measurements himself, Peter’s going to be getting in touch.

Answering specific questions for people isn’t just helpful, it’s giving you more opportunities to be found by search engines for the things people are looking for. Surely everyone wants that.

7 You need to keep things fresh

Search engines care how often you update your website.

There’s a measurement called freshness which is about how often, and when you last, updated your site. If a website isn’t being updated search engines will make the deduction that it’s not being used and will stop sending people there.

Regular updates to your website are so important and a blog is one of the easiest ways to do this.

You won’t be surprised that I think businesses should blog, but I hope this has helped you understand why.

If you feel that blogging might be valuable for your business then go for it, and if you’re not sure how there are plenty of copywriters who can help you – myself included.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject, particularly if there’s a reason you have put off blogging for your business. Maybe I can help.