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Blogging for Small Business Growth – the Marketing Benefits of Your Business Blog

How do you market your business?

Marketing is defined by as

The total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.

That is – all the things you do encourage people to buy your products or services.

The activities you undertake will differ for every business depending on who you are selling to, what you are selling and how you prefer to be seen. It’s this “being seen” part, though, which is fundamental. You need to get your business and products in front of the people who will want to buy and show them why they should choose you.

Why Marketing Matters

For many of us, the distinction between marketing and sales is unclear. My simple understanding is:

  • Marketing is about building awareness, putting yourself in front of potential buyers so they recognise your value and decide to buy.
  • Sales is the last step where someone makes a decision, chooses you and hands over their hard-earned money.

Examples of marketing activities are adverts, emails, events, websites, social media activity and more; we’ll each choose which we want to try for our own reasons.

Some marketing projects fit short-term strategies e.g., one-off events such as trade shows, billboard/television or even social media ad campaigns which will only last a limited time. Other undertakings are part of a long-term strategy – your branding, website, email and social media presence, also membership of communities or directories – while these won’t bring you immediate sales, they will build your reputation.

Your marketing strategy (and it doesn’t have to be as scary as that sounds!) should include a variety of activities – helping your audience to get to know and trust you over the long term and see when the right opportunity for them is presented.

While skipping the marketing and heading straight to sales might seem like the dream, this isn’t an option. While you might pop out to the supermarket, fancy some chocolate and grab a bar you don’t recognise from the shelf – marketing will still have prompted that decision with someone responsible for:

  • Developing the right flavours
  • Creating the packaging
  • Pricing the product correctly
  • Getting it into the supermarket

In fact, personally, the relationship-building element that is marketing feels much more aligned with my personality than the sales part (also obviously necessary!). The bit where you show people who you are, why they might like to get to know you better and how you can help them. These are the first steps and incredibly important when you’re asking people to spend money with you.

We’ve all heard about Know, Like and Trust in business – whatever you are selling, “people buy from people!” and they buy from those they “Know, Like and Trust”. So, at its simplest, your marketing is your way of showing your customer that you’re somebody they should Know, Like and Trust. But how will blogging help with that?

Know, Like and Trust… it’s that simple!

Getting to know you

There are a number of elements involved in becoming a brand or business that people recognise and know.

  • It’s about being visible or seen, putting yourself out there in the places where your audience is. You’ll need to make sure that, whatever the platform, you can be recognised – this comes from your branding and also how you put yourself across.
    Blogs can help your visibility, giving you something to post about on social media, bringing people back to your website and helping extend your reach on search engines (SEO) through great, fresh content and backlinks.
  • It’s about being understood, by putting out content which tells people who you really are and what you’re doing.
    Blogs are great for helping people understand you and your business better, how you work and who you’re looking for. You stop being ‘just another…copywriter/accountant/coach’ and become someone known.

Starting to like you

…well, that’s the hope, isn’t it? You’re putting yourself out there so you want people to like what they see, but there’s more to it than that.

  • You are likeable! While you are not the only person online doing what you do or selling what you sell, you are the only YOU. The only person or business in existence with your skills, services, and personality who is looking for your ideal customer. Use that combination to show people who you are and you’ll ensure the people who stick around get you.
  • But not everyone will like you – and that’s great.
    While it’s hard not to be the person who says – “My ideal customer? Well, I can help everyone!” We all know that actually there are some people we’d rather not work with – those who don’t value what we offer, who don’t understand our difference, those who want faster/cheaper/bigger.
    Your blog is an ideal place to show people who you really are and what it’s like to work with you – tell people why it takes longer or costs more to get a quality job done, if people in your audience don’t like your message they aren’t going to buy from you anyway.

You can be trusted

You are putting useful content out there, showing your audience how you can help, this is how trust is built.

  • Reliability, it’s about being there and keeping your message consistent.
    By consistently reaching out – on any platform – you will be seen as reliable. And, by keeping your message recognisable, you will be seen as an expert. Blogging is being helpful by sharing your expertise, it is a great way to build trust.
  • You’ve got the answers when you’re needed.
    Yes, blogging provides regular content to “put out there”, but once it’s out there it’s also creating a solid foundation for your website. The content you create can be reposted in the future, found by search engines and reused in other places (social media posts, workshops, lead magnets, books). You’re building a catalogue of credible resources, proof of your expertise and easy to reuse

The essential challenge of marketing your small business is being seen by the right people and establishing that position of being Known, Liked and Trusted. Yes, I talk about blogging a lot (consistency you see!), but that’s because – to me – it’s a clear way to establish yourself, to become known, liked and trusted!

Have you considered a blog for your business, maybe you’ve tried but struggled to maintain it, if you’d like help with your blog I’d be pleased to support you. Do get in touch, or check out my services to see how I could help.