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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Important?

Your LinkedIn profile is important, because LinkedIn is a space where people are looking for contacts like you. It's a space where you can show people a little of yourself and use your network to endorse your skills and act as advocates for you. Think about who is checking out your LinkedIn profile, and make sure they're seeing the real you. A person they'd like to connect with, that's the point of LinkedIn after all.

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4 Wonderful Words Which Work – About The Lighthouse Centre

I was asked by Gemma Dearsley, to write a blog post for The Lighthouse Centre and I was thrilled - I want to share it with you here because I want to tell you about the work of The Lighthouse Centre. (That and content repurposing of course!) Gemma is one of those people who is… Continue reading 4 Wonderful Words Which Work – About The Lighthouse Centre