Grow Your Business With Engaging Blog Content

That Shows Your People Why They Need You

Do you know how blog content can help you grow your audience? Sharing engaging and useful business articles will help people get to know you, trust you, and ultimately buy from you. Taken a step further, you can make an effective content marketing strategy start with your blog. Regular blog content creation will keep your website fresh and your audience updated, so why isn’t everyone doing it? 

In my experience the things holding most people back are the time it takes to write, knowing what to write about, or lack of confidence in your own writing ability. I can help with all these things.

Let’s see how I can help

icon of a woman working on a laptop
icon of a woman working on a laptop

Done for you

The Business Building Bundle…

While blog content is important, for it to be effective you need more than that. With this bundle you’ll create a solid foundation for your marketing including: 

  • A planning session – because blogging isn’t effective without a strategy.
  • A LinkedIn profile update – because when they’re impressed by your posts, people will check out your profile.
  • Three blogs – to get your content creation started.

This bundle gives you everything you need to help you establish your position as an expert.

Business Building Bundle is £920

Regular blogging (after this) is £180 per post

Done with you

Perhaps you enjoy writing and all you need is someone to give you some help to get started. You aren’t sure what to write and get a bit nervous at the thought of pressing publish, but you’d really like to be able to manage this yourself.

Let’s make a plan. We’ll look at who you’re helping, how and why, coming up with topics to write about and structures which will help you get the words on the page. 

In this 1.5 hour session, we’ll discuss your audience, your business, the language you use, and what you want from your blogging. Together we’ll create a plan for article topics for the months ahead and sample structures to help you write them. We’ll look at tools to help you, including AI. And, if it will help, I’ll follow up to keep you accountable and provide proof reading of your blogs for an additional cost. 

One to one blog planning sessions are £325 

45-minute follow-up consultations at £75

Icon of two people together
Icon of two people together
icon of a pencil
icon of a pencil

Do it yourself

You’re ready to get going and just need a nudge with the plan.

This online course has six modules with videos to lead you and worksheets to help you get your thoughts in order. The first module is free and will help you see if the course is right for you.

At the end of the course, as long as you follow the tasks through, you’ll have a plan for when to write, a comprehensive list of topics and some sample structures to help you create the posts yourself. And it all stays available to you to review when you need to.

The DIY Blog Planning Course is £95

45-minute follow-up consultations are £75

 So, what do you need?

A Writer

You don’t have the time or inclination to write regular blogs but you know it will help boost your website and reach more of the right people on your socials, let me take the pressure off.

A Guide

Blogging is a long term commitment and you want to keep control of it, that’s great. Let me help you get started. We’ll create a plan together so you can keep your content creation on track.

A DIY Course

You want to get blogging and to do it in your own timescales. By doing it yourself you can set your own pace and keep all the resources to reuse in the future. My guidance, your way of working.

People have said some lovely things about me…

Natalie from Writer for You will quite simply take your written content to the next level!… I think what makes Natalie stand out is the time she takes to really understand your business. She will actively share ideas to help which direction your content should take. Natalie is a pleasure to work with


It is an absolute pleasure working with Natalie…  Natalie is so creative in her way with words ensuring you get the right wording for your business and what you are wishing to achieve. I highly recommend Natalie to any business for their copywriting needs.


Natalie wrote a couple of blogs for me, I couldn’t believe how quickly she understood my business and helped me to get my message across…  It’s been great working with Natalie and would recommend her for any support with blog writing, for ideas or content. Thank you Natalie!


Would you like to work with me? A quick chat may help you decide.