Blog writing 101 for Small Business Owners: Your Path to Success

Yes, I talk about blogging a lot.

It’s an effective way to connect with an audience, show off your expertise, and boost your online presence – that all sounds good so far, right!? In fact I’ve written a post all about why blogging is the right kind of marketing for me.

Blogs will help boost your online visibility
Producing regular blogs shows search engines that your website is up to date, with targeted keywords you’re able to improve your search engine rankings and attract more traffic to your site. By providing valuable information to those who need you, you’re positioning yourself as an expert – and someone who’s offering valuable insights.

Blogs will help build trust with your audience
Through your blog you’re able to engage with your audience at a level that supports them, a more personal level. You can focus on their pain points, answer their questions and share your insights – all of which helps build trust and loyalty (something we looked at in this post about helping your audience).

So, you want blogs then?

With blog writing for business being such a good idea, of course – you’ll now want to do exactly that. So how do you get those posts up on your website then?

You Write Them

I’ve written a number of posts to help you write blogs for your business.

What do you need to know about business blogging? Answering the 10 questions I get asked most about blog writing for businesses.
How often should I blog? Well, that’s really up to you…
What should I write about? Helping you identify the things which your audience want to read.
Will making a plan help? It helps me and a lot of people I work with – it might help you!
To tips to help you fill the page – because nobody likes a blank page (except at the start of a new notebook…).

If you want to start writing blogs for your business, these should help to get you started. That’s also why I started running my Blog Planning Sessions – because so many people I spoke to said they wanted to blog but they:

  • Didn’t know what to talk about
  • Didn’t have the time to do it
  • Didn’t feel confident in their writing

My blog planning session (either one to one or DIY online) gives you a plan, a list of topics to write about, and structures to help you write the blogs.

You Get Someone Else to Write Them

But how does that work?

The Writer for You Blog Writing Process

  1. We start by talking. I need get to know you, your business and who you are writing for, so we can identify topics to help your people.
  2. Then we plan, there’s no point in writing random posts without knowing why.
  3. Next is research. You’ll tell me your priorities for the topic and the post and I’ll make sure I know as much as I need to before I start writing.
  4. There’s lots of writing/scribbling/deleting/re-reading/re-writing – and that’s just the first draft!
  5. It’s time to review – once the first draft is written, you’ll get to tell me any changes we need to make sure you’re happy.

It’s actually pretty straightforward! You can see my blog writing packages here. In fact, I got this amazing feedback from one of my blog clients…

She understands how to make content easy whether that is for your website or blogs.

Barbara – Your Business Matters

I mean, that’s nice isn’t it!

Blog writing is great for small businesses, helping you boost your online presence, connect with your audience, and show off your awesomeness. There are all sorts of ways I can help if you’re interested, just get in touch and let’s see what we can do.