Another great week in the life of this copywriter

So, what is it you do again?

I’d be willing to take a bet that there are a few people reading this who aren’t sure what a copywriter actually is, or does.

If I’m honest–and as a rule, I tend to be–copywriter wasn’t a term I was familiar with until I met one. And now I call myself a copywriter, I’ve found that there are still some who debate what the role includes.

The role of this copywriter is to provide the written copy for businesses, to do whatever that business needs their writing to do. The term ‘copy’ indicates writing whose purpose is to make the reader do something–for example sales copy should make you buy something.

There are copywriters who only write words for websites, some who specialise in sales and others who focus on technical documents. But for me, one thing I’m loving about copywriting is the breadth of the work I’m getting–I wanted to share some of the wonder that is this copywriter’s week.


[An interesting place to start the week, I know. You see, it occurred to me this Wednesday what an interesting week I’d had, so I thought I’d tell you about it.]

Wednesday started at my desk.

Around an hour was spent on online learning, now I can create awesome proposals. It’s one of those–I’m running my own business now–things.

The second job of the day, working on the social media profile of a networking friend. You see, our words are everywhere. We write a profile for ‘insert social media platform here’ and rarely revisit it. And many people find it hard to create the vision of themselves they want to present in such a short piece, so they put it off. I enjoy this challenge.  Ensuring you know enough about the person you’re presenting, and the image they want to get across; then making certain that the language and tone of the words also reflect the subject rather than you, the writer.

Once a month, and on this particular Wednesday, I attend a networking event.

I joined the Women In Business Network soon after starting Writer For You. My local group had space for a copywriter, so I went along to visit and they’re great. The meeting is full of friendly, supportive, amazing women who have strength in their field–and who share their knowledge generously. As usual, this was a brilliant meeting with an interesting talk from our Independent Financial Designer guiding us through the importance of pensions.

It was a special meeting for me, I received a client testimonial from an accountant whose website I created the copy for. Her new website is now live, and my fantastic client was so positive about my work for her–I’m thrilled.


I’ve discovered that part of working for yourself is getting out and meeting people–I guess it’s obvious. I’m really enjoying the opportunity to spend time finding out about other people and their businesses. It’s amazing the skills that are in the local area when you start looking.

On this Thursday, I met with a local business coach (consultant). Listening to his story, and sharing mine, led to all kinds of interesting conversations. I love how much people are willing to share of their knowledge when you are prepared to share yours.

The rest of the day was spent mainly writing. Then reviewing, with a client, the web copy for her training site.


Another meeting on Friday, this time with the Financial Designer from Wednesday’s meeting. As well as talking about our businesses, lives and families, I got some very real help with presentation skills. You never know where the learning will come from!

My afternoon included a meeting with an Occupational Therapist client. She’s been running her business for a few years now and, given the chance to refresh the words on her website, realised it was a good time to do just that. We had a really positive conversation about the first draft I’ve done, there are changes to make but a lot to be pleased with. Great news.


Monday started with the chance to write two blog posts for a new client. Unfortunately, the timescales seemed rushed. Following an honest conversation, though, we were able to agree to a deadline we’re both happy with, so today I’m writing blogs about dog behaviour and training methods.

Alongside this writing, I’ve been doing some research on social media scheduling tools. My social media presence has been neglected a little recently and I need to get that sorted.


It was writing doggy blogs again on Tuesday, and planning the posts for my own site. There’s always such a lot to do.

On Tuesday evening I had a great time at a workshop learning more about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is obviously essential knowledge for someone who’s writing websites. It was an excellent evening, giving me some extra tips that will help no end.

What a week

It was a busy week, no question; but it wasn’t unusual.

What caught my attention was the variety in my week. I wanted to share it because this is what’s making copywriting so enjoyable for me.

There are people to meet, skills to learn, companies to understand, subjects to share. I get to talk, to write and to learn. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Obviously, the writing bit doesn’t appeal to everyone or I wouldn’t have a job. But what’s interesting is how often it’s needed; whether the words are social media profiles, blogs or websites, they might be reports or articles, these count too. If you struggle with the communication for your business, maybe there’s a copywriter who can help.

Finding the words that work for your business, that’s what a copywriter can do.