The Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter For Your Business

AI Tools Can Give You Words, But They Can’t Do This

I’ve had lots of conversations recently about the impact of AI tools (Chat GPT being just one of them) on copywriting and my business.

The thing is, there’s always been cheap ways to fill a page with words so – if that’s all you think a copywriter provides – AI can do exactly that. Job done.

Except most people aren’t just looking for words on a page – even if they don’t realise that when they start looking for help.

If you aren’t sure why anyone would hire one, let me show you where the value of a copywriter really lies.

1. Brand consistency

The first thing any copywriter will want to do is ask you deep and potentially awkward questions about your business. This isn’t (just) nosiness. Understanding who you are, why you do what you do, and what makes you so awesome is essential to give a voice to your values.

Getting a clear picture of your brand and how it should be presented to the world, also ensures that all your communication ‘speaks’ with the same voice.

2. Your voice

Some people will worry that using a copywriter means the writing don’t sound like them, actually the opposite should be true. With a copywriter focusing on your language and values – as an individual or a brand – they’ll be able to bring that voice to life.

Using a copywriter will mean a focus on the tone and language your audience relates to so well when you meet them in real life, rather than that stilted language you were pushed to use by your English teacher at 14.

Or, perhaps, your business has grown and you feel that you’ve lost your voice. The communication which Penny used to handle is now shared out with Chris picking up social media posting, and an ongoing debate about who will handle the emails and blogs. When things in your business have changed, it can feel like everything has got a little disjointed. Guess what! A copywriter can help with that.

3. Focus on your audience

Within our businesses, it’s easy to get caught up in the nitty gritty of every day and forget that the rest of the world isn’t in there with us.

Working with a copywriter will mean you’re getting a fresh perspective on your business, and one which is focused on your reader. Writing about your business, a copywriter will be able to push your communication with potential clients helping you focus on topics they are interested in and presenting your message in a way which resonates with their interest.

And, if you don’t know who you are (or should be) talking to… a copywriter can help with that too.

4. Research

What kind of research would you expect a copywriter to do?

  • Industry
  • Customer
  • Market
  • Subject
  • … and more

To create a message that works for you, I need to understand your subject, market, industry and your audience. That takes time.

While you might be hiring a copywriter for words, what you want are words which will engage your customer and that means really getting to the heart of why you are the right company for them.

5. Engaging communication

Whether you’re emailing, blogging or filling the pages of your website, these words have a purpose – normally, to encourage contact and sales.

Creating communications which pull your reader in, keep them entertained and ready to follow up at the end requires certain skills. Planning these messages can be complex and there are techniques which can help. Working with someone who knows how these work will help you get the best out of your written content.

And There’s More…

This was never meant to be a sales post about my services, but a chance for me to show you how copywriters really can help.

The fact is, a conversation with someone outside your business who’s focused on your audience and services, can give you real insights and support you with your messaging.

While there will always be tools or services that can help you fill a page with words, if you want to grow your business effectively you want to make sure those words reflect your brand and your voice, are focused on your audience, are informed and encourage the reader to follow-up. That’s where a copywriter can help.