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4 Wonderful Words Which Work – About The Lighthouse Centre

I was asked by Gemma Dearsley, to write a blog post for The Lighthouse Centre and I was thrilled – I want to share it with you here because I want to tell you about the work of The Lighthouse Centre. (That and content repurposing of course!)

Gemma is one of those people who is so positive and giving that – even when she asks you to do something – you feel like she’s doing you a favour. It’s impossible to say no. But the thing is, what can I write about The Lighthouse Centre? I chose to return to a format I love and consider the words which work when we think about TLC. I hope you enjoy it.

The Lighthouse Centre – What Makes You So Special?

As a copywriter I spend my life writing about all sorts of things, but The Lighthouse Centre is special – so, what makes it so special? What makes its legends so special? And all of TLC’s supporters?

I’m no expert on The Lighthouse Centre, I haven’t volunteered on the front line, organised or fundraised, in fact I haven’t even known Gemma that long. Everything I know about TLC is based on those people I have spoken to who care very deeply about the organisation, and everything I’ve seen online. So – you’ll probably already know all this – but, I’m going to tell you what I think makes The Lighthouse Centre so special.


I mean, the TLC isn’t an accident right… Tender Loving Care is what this organisation is all about. Just looking at the testimonials on the website ‘Gemma… is kind, gentle and caring of others’, ‘honest, caring and gentle and a true inspiration’, ‘caring and full of love’. (I hope there are some Legends blushing now.)

The whole premise of The Lighthouse Centre is to provide care to those with long term conditions in their homes. These aren’t people who have been forgotten or who don’t have their own medical support as well, but these are people whose lives have had a focus shifted to providing health and wellness rather than wellbeing and happiness. The extra care from The Lighthouse Centre provides the kind of holistic therapies which bring all those elements together – that’s a very special kind of caring.


The Lighthouse Centre is individual in more ways than one. The organisation itself is providing a service unlike any other I know. The focus on complementary therapies, patients requiring long-term care, and support within the home for both patients and their families, all form a level of support which is way beyond that provided by most organisations.

And, it’s not only the organisation which is an individual. Each patient TLC supports is provided with an assessment ensuring the care received is unique to them. The focus on providing the best for each individual is at the heart of The Lighthouse Centre – unique and individual in every way.


Kindness is one of those things we’re taught as children, but which we tend to consider less as we become adults. Even those of us who think of ourselves as ‘nice’ will probably prioritise, generosity, fairness, honesty or hard-work before kindness.

Kindness can feel soft and woolly in a way which doesn’t get a great press, but kindness is at the heart of TLC and it’s far from woolly.

Acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and giving are constant for a team focused on the needs of others before themselves. Spend any time following The Lighthouse Centre on social media and you’ll be in no doubt about the importance of kindness – not only of the Lighthouse Legends who keep this amazing organisation doing its thing – but of the supporters who provide the constant backing the team needs. Kindness can change lives.


The work of The Lighthouse Centre could only be done by those who have a care for others, but it takes more than that to build friendship.

Knowing that the recipients of TLCs care are those struggling with long-term illnesses, means that those who get involved with that care are in this for the as long as it takes. And, in that time relationships grow – not only with the patients but their families as well.

So, these are my thoughts about The Lighthouse Centre

As a copywriter I’m interested in the power of words – I’ve written blogs before about the words which evoke feelings (4 Wonderful Words Which Work – About Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).

I also talk to lots of businesses about how they should use the right words to get their message across or ‘build their brand’.

Thinking about The Lighthouse Centre like this, has made me smile… TLC is a perfect example of getting the message right – everything about the team, the services and the organisation as a whole reinforces the caring nature of the volunteers and team. The personalised support they provide and the way in which they do it has kindness and care at its core.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts, these are the things which make The Lighthouse Centre so special. Let’s celebrate them.

If you’ve not come across the Lighthouse Centre before, go and check out what they do here