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To my blog

This is our first time together, let’s do introductions.

I’m Natalie

welcome, hello world, technology, communicationI was the geeky kid at school, and I’m now the geeky mum… While I love reading and writing, I’m also excited by learning and exploring new things.

I can remember, while still at primary school, seeing “Hello World” scrolling up the screen of our Acorn computer.

Now I can broadcast the message further than my front room, and I hope you’ll find the text is more interesting

So to the second introduction—

Welcome to Writer For You.

I’m taking a leap into the world of copywriting.

While the title is new to me, translating English to English is something I’ve done a lot of.

Translating Business English to Technical English

Translation, communication

Translating Technical English to Business English

communication, translation

Even Translating simple instructions to children

translation, communication

In order to make ourselves understood better; we need to be clear of, not only the message, but the audience too.

I want to discuss the plans and projects which make your life, and business, exciting. To make sure I understand every nuance, so I can help share that message with the world.

Giving clarity to your thoughts, plans, products and opportunities is something I look forward to doing. Whether it’s for print or online, I can create the words to tell your story—in a voice which works for your brand.

So, the final introduction –

Welcome to the blog.

This is my chance to show you what’s going on at Writer For You – and other things which interest me.

We can discuss words and business; communication skills and styles; technical writing, language, and then more words…

I hope there’ll be something that piques your interest.

communication with your coffee

4 thoughts on “To my blog”

  1. Hi Natalie I am a BUsiness Analyst in Network Rail and get involved in big projects which require lot of translations like the one mentioned in your blog so it immediately grabbed my attention

    I would like to understand more on the use of simple language in various settings and how to influence people with words

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Vidhya, thanks so much for your feedback.

      I’m actually working on my next blog post at the moment, my plan is to cover tips for business writing which may be interesting to you.

      I’d be happy to hear more about anything particular you’re interested in.
      Thanks again


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