Improve Your Content Strategy with These 12 Tips for Resharing Your Blogs

Ok, here’s the honest truth… I’ve been busy.

Being busy and distracted left me struggling to make time to write my own blog post. That’s not good right?!

So, looking at what to post on my social media feeds, it’s good to know I can share a post I’ve already written. (It turns out that over the last six years I’ve published 84 posts, that’s not bad right!?) Which made me think… I should tell you that!

It’s ok to reshare blogs you wrote before. So here’s a blog about it.

It Doesn’t Always Have to Be New… Make the Most of Your Existing Blog Content

When you spend your time writing great blog content for your business, one of the benefits is that you can keep making use of it.

In this post, we’re going to look at how you can reuse your posts, how to choose the right posts to return to and things to consider before you raise the profile of these historic posts.

How can you reuse your blog posts?

  1. Send your blogs in reply to enquiries
    You’re asked a question all the time… write a blog and then send people to your website.
  2. Use the content on social media
    Yes, put the link on your feeds and tell people to read your blog. But also, break the blog down into bitesize chunks you can post directly onto your feed reinforcing your main points.
  3. Bundle multiple posts within a topic to create larger content
    You could create an ebook from your posts about a particular subject, or present them as a webinar.
  4. Repeat yourself
    Share posts on social media more than once. Not everyone you know will have read all your blogs – I know it’s shocking. Your post may not have been relevant the first time they saw it, but now you’re answering a question they’ve been thinking about all week!

How do you know which blog posts to share again?

  1. Pick the popular posts and subjects
    Was this a post lots of people commented on or talked about? Is it a question you’re still being asked? If the answer is yes, share the post again!
  2. Is it consistently relevant
    Marketers talk about evergreen content, this is content which is always useful – it’s not seasonal and won’t go out of fashion. Unlike ‘Writing the best Halloween Headlines’, people will always need to know ‘How will I recognise my ideal client?’
  3. Valuable, in-depth content
    Give your reader something valuable to learn and cover it comprehensively. Posts like this are also great for repurposing into ebooks, online courses or guides.
  4. Current topics
    Yes, it’s those ‘Halloween Headlines’ again… If you have previously written about something that’s trending you don’t need to write a new piece, see if your previous blog is still relevant and can create fresh engagement.

Things to check or do before reusing your content?

  1. Review your post
    Is it still correct and relevant? Make sure any references, statistics, charts, visuals or information are up to date and correct. Make sure any links are still working.
  2. Add new udpates
    Have there been any new developments or insights which will improve your post? Let’s make it as valuable as possible.
  3. Optimise it for SEO
    Do some research for relevant keywords, ensuring the post uses them effectively and they are included in meta tags, titles and headlines.
  4. Think about the language and readability
    If you wrote the post a while ago, it’s possible your style or tone has changed. Make sure the post sounds like you!

It can be hard to find the time to keep creating fresh content; don’t forget to make use of what you’ve created before.